A Doctors Rant 3

Hi Geeks,

It is Monday and sometimes it is helpful to get it all of your chest at the beginning of the week. Like I said before, I asked some of my Dr friends to let off some steam and tell me 5 things they would like to say to us but cant. Well this Dr went in and I got back 12 steam reducing rants! So I’m posting the first 6 and will post the other 6 next-time.

1-Medications – if your on regular medications and you have to see a doctor that’s not your GP, please carry a list with you if you can’t remember them (with doses). It really is not as easy ‘looking in the notes’ or figuring it out from you telling me it’s the ‘blue, green or purple’ tablet.

2. Getting Personal  – If we ask you personal questions please either tell the truth or just state that you don’t want to answer but for the love of all things healthy, please DO NOT LIE.  And, please don’t be offended, certain questions we have to ask regardless of who you are, believe me it is not my favorite past-time (tho sometimes fun lol)

3. Medical history – Please be responsible for your health. Know your medical history a little beyond a ‘heart/lung/kidney problem’. It really helps us figure out what you have come in with so we can help you and if you write it down you wont have to try and sound out the medical terms!

4. Painkillers– If ever in pain (toothache, period pains, headache etc..) and what your taking isn’t working, don’t take more than the stated dose. It makes NO difference to your pain, it just increases your chances of getting side effects. Try two different groups e.g ibuprofen and paracetamol together. You probably noticed the price difference on the market. If it’s the same drug, it does the same thing.

5. Nose bleeds – sometimes they just happen, for no reason. Yes, no reason at all, that doesn’t make me bad at my job and won’t make me make one up to make you feel better! Because I’m nice, here are some tips to help you out; Tilt your head FORWARD (never back) and pinch ur nose (fleshy part) for at least 15-20mins (this will feel like a lifetime but seriously keep time). Of course if it continues get some medical help.

6. Ear Wax Attacks – DO NOT clean the inside of your ears (ear canals) with cotton buds, yes don’t. Instead of cleaning all you do is push more wax back in there and in the long run cause more problems. Go an see a professional for a proper ear wax clean. But please, you can use the Q-tip cotton buds to keep the outside canal and ear area clean, it’s just nasty when you don’t!

WOW AMAZING, Q-tip cotton buds are BAD for your ears and don’t even help, I had no idea, all this time and I hate that feeling of the bud inside my ear (it makes me automatically cough like a crazy person, don’t ask me why? I have no idea but my sister knows when I’m cleaning my ears in the bathroom, it’s that bad!)

Hope you gained some knowledge and that you will share it post reading. Until next time, get on-top of your medical records!

Health, Love and Life


Your Man Reminder- Brilliant

Hey Geeks,

How are you all? Sorry I have not posted anything for a while. The story of why that is, is a little bit surreal/crazy/T.I.A/notsurehowtotellawholebunchofnewpeopleit. So I am not going to tell you the whole story but I will tell you that I learned a range of new skills and lessons about myself. One of the things I learned was how easy it is to ignore your own health in a middle of a surreal/busy/crisis/stressful period!

For example, I logged onto my blog and checked the stats and noticed that lots of people are still reading the post on breast cancer and then I remembered that my reminder to check my own boobs went off last-week in the middle of this surreal episode of my life and I ignored it because I was too busy. Not good. I also got a private message from a follower of the blog who thanked me for reminding her, she found a lump and also came across this BRILLIANT advertisement campaign. She wanted me to share it with you all.



This is a reminder, have you checked your boobs yet? If not, go to my Boobs and That Friday Feeling post and follow the steps and then add the step below:

Added Step: Download rethink breast cancer man reminder app.

Trust me, it makes it so much more fun lol I have checked mine now with the help of my app man and all is well and I sleep better knowing my man reminder on my phone will ask me to check them again once a month 🙂

Share this post, you will be helping someone, I promise you.

Health, Love and Life and TLC


Boobs and that Friday Feeling

Happy Friday All,

Last week I received an e-mail from a friend and this is what it said:
” I’m emailing you all because my sister has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I want to remind all the women I know to check their breasts for lumps once a month.

My sis found a small lump near her armpit by chance and luckily she found it whilst the cancer is in it’s early stages. The NHS have been really on it and she’ll be having the lump removed this month (within 4 weeks of being diagnosed) then will have to have radiation and chemo. She’s being so positive – really amazing attitude – and has been discussing possible wigs and headscarves with her 2 kids. Obviously she’s shocked, but just relieved she found it early and has a good chance of fighting it.

My friend’s mum used to have a transparent vinyl sticker on her bathroom wall with diagrams showing how to check your breasts for lumps, which I thought was a genius breast cancer awareness reminder – but I can’t find one. So if any of you find one of these, let me know. Basically a good time to remember to self check is at bath-time or when creaming yourself. I’ve just set a reminder in my calender”

I read this and my first thoughts were ones of support, prayers and love for her family. My second thought was, when was the last time you did a breast exam E? and I realised that it has been almost 6 months since I checked my breasts for lumps! 6 months! and I should know better. I have seen the effects of all types of cancer first-hand, have witnessed the pain that families and individuals go through to fight this disease. I should know better. I used to do it once a month and but somehow I let life and it’s super-fast pace allow me to forget and not do it. I was in shock. But, I’m human and I am so very grateful for the reminder.

This is what I want you to do:

1- Set a reminder on your i-phone, BB, HTC or old school nokia to remind you once every month to check your breast.


3- If you are a MAN who has a female partner, SET A REMINDER TO REMIND your partner or better still, make it fun, help her do it, it’s always good to get a little feel right? lol

4- Take a moment and share this with your networks, it could be the reminder that saves someones breasts

5- Take some time and read all the information below, it is important and will help you, you and/ or your partner, boobs are precious.

Click on this link to show you how you do a breast exam

Click on this link to understand what changes to look for

Click on this link to learn about prevention

Click on this link to understand the risks

I really cannot think of a better song to post here but STILL by Eric Roberson. I lost one of my best friends at 18yrs of age to cancer. RIP Israa, I think of you always, especially when TuPac gets played :-), see you on the other-side, we still have a date.

Please share this post geeks and have a great weekend.

Life, Love and Health to all.


The Science of Love-Valentines Day Special

Happy Valentines Day, Every Day the 14th- Press play for some background music whilst you read.

Firstly, I apologise to all you geeks out in the ether that have gone almost two weeks without a post, oh the pain lol No, really, I am sorry for the longer than planned hiatus, it was my birthday week, and then it so happens that I know a lot of Aquarians and the ball just kept on rolling. I have it under control now.

I don’t know about you all, but I am definitely still trying to understand why love makes some people act all crazy, sane, silly, retarded, relaxed, delirious, happy and sometimes it just makes no sense, no sense at all!!! We have all had/seen/heard of those moments when the brain/logic should just say no but somehow it is not that easy…

So, I did a little research, as you do, and came across a paper by an incredible lady by the name of Dr Helen Fisher. She has made it her life’s mission to understand love scientifically and officially and she is not doing a bad job. I read her paper,  however, it is a very big read.  Anyway, I figured that kind of research must be on Ted by now and of-course, it was! It is sexy science after-all. I love sexy science. Everyone loves sexy science.

Click play and learn a little more about what Love actually means, so you can really impress your date tonight. See how good I am too you all after-all. Be good to your friends and share it please.

We lost one of the greats two days ago, no-one made me want to be in-love with a married man at a young age like Whitney did lol. This is her at the 1986 Grammys. May you rest in perfect peace. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.

One more thing, Doctors will tell you that Valentines day see’s the highest rate of attempted suicides. A lot of people feel a huge amount of pressure on this day. Whitney said it, the GREATEST LOVE is to LEARN to love your SELF. So I am posting this song too.

Happy Loving yourself day too.


A Doctors Rant 2

You know how we all complain about our jobs sometimes? Well, Doctors want to complain too. This rant is a little different to the last-one but I thought it was interesting as it gives a small peak into what happens behind the scenes. Especially important as the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is in the line of fire with regards to governmental reforms and the US is in process of assessing the national health interests of it’s citizens.

1-Incompetent over-powered HR departments. Somewhere along the line, they were given the responsibility of managing doctor’s schedules without having any understanding of what we actually do on a day-to-day basis. I think they suffer with severe amnesia & the department itself acts as black hole for paperwork. No matter how early they are told about leave, they FAIL, every time.

2-Departments are usually chronically understaffed. Doctors are expected to cover for colleagues in an already busy job & often work overtime with no compensation for this. Usually a locum doctor is floating around who is paid 3X more than the rest of us for performing a half-hearted job (pretending that they are new to the hospital). Here is a idea, just employ more permanent doctors!! DUH

3-Obstructive time consuming paperwork distracts doctors from actually treating their patients. In fact, a first year doctor’s role would be more accurately described as a mobile medical secretary than a clinician. We all understand that paperwork is necessary to provide legal backing in case of lawsuit, but wouldn’t it be better if everyone just stopped suing doctors so much. This would probably result in fewer mistakes as we can spend more time treating patients v taking notes.

4-Clipboard holding NHS managers are paid huge amounts of money to have pointless meetings & ensure targets are met, which they usually do by juggling beds and numbers rather than actually improving patient care. Working in A&E or medical assessment unit, there are few things more frustrating than patients vanishing before your eyes & ending up in a different department when you have not finished treating them! WTF?. And how do they just pop up at the most annoying of times asking silly and unhelpful Qs? HOW? STOP IT!!

5-Pointless meetings where the only outcome is the decision to have another meeting. Doctors are often forced into attending meetings involving managers, where they listen to our grievances keenly as if it were the first time & nothing changes. Doctors have complained about the same issues for many years, so why waste our time with meetings that we already know won’t help. That’s called BS!

So If anyone reading this works for HR and or the NHS, please take note. David Cameron you should take note too and while we are at it, President Obama (swoon) maybe you would like to take note also, call me lol

Again, all Doctors rants are anonymous. Hope you enjoyed the read and learned something new. 😉

Health, Love and Life


Food For Thought, Lab-Grown Meat and Global Food Crisis

Good Monday All,

I came across this article in the Guardian which gave a very interesting account of how cultured meat, developed in the laboratory, could have a dramatic effect on global hunger and climate change.

Now, hold your horses ;-), I know that most of you reading this are thinking “It’s official, the scientists are crazy, trying make us eat laboratory meat etc etc”. I would have said the same thing at first instance, however, now I’m not so sure.The article does a very good job of really breaking down the advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, all you environmentalists and health gurus will find it interesting to know how much more advantageous this theory is to our environment and ultimate world health.

The science is not difficult to understand and is explained really well in the article it-self so i wont go into it now. Cultured or In Vitro meat may sound scary, but honestly how many of us can say any of our meat is not affected by either steroids or farm “fed” animals (what EXACTLY are they being fed)? In-fact, I would go so far as to say that in the west, much of our food in-take is “unnatural” and taking all these pharmaceutically produced additives, vitamins,minerals, and health potions is just a case of the apple not falling too far from the tree! Even our vegetables are “mass produced” and sprayed with chemicals. I have seen what a “organic” tomato grown organically looks like at my Grandfarthers farm in Sudan, and they never came out perfectly round nor do they taste the same!

More importantly, we have to eat to live, what would you do if all you needed to do was feed your loved ones? how much responsibility do you feel as an individual in the west contributing to a potential global food crisis and knowing this is already a reality for some? This is what came to my mind when I read the article

Click here for the full article and let me know what you think, it is really interesting stuff. If you like it, share it.

Health, Love and Life


Dark Girls

Happy Monday Geeks,

I saw the trailer for the Dark Girls movie a while back and then again yesterday.  Hence this post. I almost do not know where to begin with this topic! Sigh. I’m gonna try and not get too deep on you. Ok forget that! FAIL. I am just gonna give it to you like it is ( FYI I just deleted a paragraph of well written, poetic and politically correct prose! lol)

My mum is light-skinned Sudanese and my dad is dark skinned Sudanese. They are both beautiful. I came out on the darker side. I cannot tell you how many times I heard comments like the below, from a very early age:

“oh she came out on her fathers side, who told her mum to marry a dark skinned man”

“Maybe she will grow out of it and get lighter like her mum as she gets older, I’ve seen it happen, so and so daughter got lighter”

“one out of three is not bad (my youngest sister looks the most like my mum)”

I was lucky, I got the chance to leave Sudan. I had the opportunity to read and learn my history from all perspectives. I am blessed to have met people from all over the world who counteracted the above and spoke of how beautiful my skin tone is. I had the space to see for myself how beautiful we are in all shades, shapes and sizes. Eventually, I got over the early negative feelings associated with me, my skin, my person. I LOVE MY SKIN COLOUR, in-fact I love it when I have caught the sun and I am a few shades darker. Now when someone says to me “you came out on your fathers side” I say “Yes I did, and I love mine and my fathers complexion, thank you”

Here comes the science. Hope you are ready 🙂

Skin lightening is a huge problem in Africa, Asia, India and the Caribbean. Skin lightening (bleaching) cosmetics and toiletries are widely used in most of these countries. Currently, in the UK the rate of skin lightening is increasing despite many products being illegal. They are being bought under the counter and medical skin conditions are not being diagnosed. The active ingredients in these cosmetic products are hydroquinone, mercury (yes, mercury!!) and corticosteroids. Several additives (conconctions) are used to enhance the bleaching effect. Since these products are used for a long duration, on a large body surface area, and under hot humid conditions, percutaneous absorption is enhanced.

The complications of these products are very serious and are sometimes fatal, they are listed below. I want you to know them, so if you are ever in a situation that allows you to inform someone who does not know, you can. Scare the living daylights out of them if you have too, I do it all the time when I go home to Sudan, some of my cousins wont touch the stuff. Sadly, some ignore me and carry on using them. The pressure is immense. I continue to tell them they are dark and beautiful.

Dangers of skin lightening include:

Exogenous ochronosis (i.e bluish black discoloration of tissue and skin),

Skin burns

Mercury poisoning

Impaired wound healing and wound dehiscence

The fish odor syndrome ( basically, your body stops breaking down some of the oils in your skin and you smell like a fish! literally, I met someone with this condition and it is no joke!)

Nephropathy (leads to diabetes)

Steroid addiction syndrome

Predisposition to infections

Endocrinologic complications of corticosteroids, including suppression of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis aka HPA (basically it messes up everything, as your HPA regulates stress, digestion, the immune system, moods and emotions, sexuality, and energy storage and expenditure!) Now why do you wanna go mess with that eh? O!

Here is the official preview for Dark Girls

Now listen to this to make you feel better, it worked for me 🙂

I have shared a bit about myself on this post, I hope you will share with me your thoughts? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the trailer for Dark Girls. Gentlemen, I am especially interested to know your thoughts.

Knowledge is power, so share the knowledge.

Health, Love and Life


Go Hard and Fast

Happy Weekend Geeks,

It is only 2 degrees Celsius in London but the sun is shinning 🙂

This one is short and sweet.  I had to post this for two reasons, in no particular order;

Reason one, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) fully funded my PhD studies, thank you again.

Reason two, not only is it a funny advert but it is also teaching you something that can save someones life. Literally.

Most of us live in an environment which means heart disease is one of the biggest killers. That means more likely than not, YOU could find yourself in a situation where CPR is required, whether it is a friend, family member or stranger.

Click play and take this OPPORTUNITY to LEARN a SKILL that can change someones life.

oh and this already has a theme song, the Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive, not a bad choice BHF even if i do say so myself lol

Share the post geeks, sharing is caring and all that good stuff, you could be saving someones life.

Health, Love and Life


Babyfather- Part Two We= MC^2

Hello Geeks

Last-night, I got on-line and my facebook inbox, twitter DM and  e-mail contained messages suggesting I should write a post about this 2 and a half year old baby boy genius by the name of Romanieo and his father.

Some of you may have already seen the video once but I think it is safe to say it deserves to be watched more than once, I mean come on, the boy knows what Protons, Neutrons and Electrons are! He is not even 3 yet! Furthermore, I think he knows more of the periodic table than I do (don’t judge me, I am a geneticist not a chemist or physicist aight! let me see him or his dad tell me anything about DNA sequencing mechanisms lol ).

However, the most amazing thing for me really wasn’t the “genius” of it all but the absolutely beautiful and inspiring dedication to knowledge and love this father had with his child. My favorite part was not when Romanieo answered the correct element to the Nuclear Fission set up but when his father said to him:

“where is your mind? and where is your intuition? Now where is my intuition? That’s right. Now put your intuition with my intuition” And then Romanieo and his father rub heads and noses together. A beautiful moment. I LOVE this video. you MUST click play.

I was trying to think of the most deserving song dedication to this, it took me a min but I think I got it

Share the post with all the great parents you know and INSPIRE them further.  Share in each others greatness, it can only lead to even greater things.

Peace, Love and Health



Hello All,

Most of you may have read this post before, but I wanted to keep you up-dated on this projects progress for two reasons.

Reason one, I am still in love with this little boy and his family

Reason two, I sent them an e-mail a while back, not expecting a response. I wanted to know if and how they are going to develop the “big idea” they talked about in the posted videos. I did get a response, a heart-warming and very honest response, saying they are working on it and would let me know as soon as they knew themselves.

Many of us have “big ideas” all the time, most of the time they are brilliant. Most of the time, many of us do not follow them up, not purposefully, but life and it’s many responsibilities can make it hard sometimes.  I think this story is inspiring.

They have been asked by several parents and grandparents how can they start immediately working with their toddlers using the method they call TEAMMS. This acronym stands for: Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Music and Science. It incorporates the best of STEM and expands upon it by adding the critical components of the Arts and Music. They decided to write and publish a book by August. This time frame will give parents some companion teaching tools as they prepare their children for preschool/school. However, they need help in achieving this goal and like many, they have decided to use a Kickstarter campaign.

The kickstarter project is called A little like Einstein: help us give rise to a new generation of Big Thinkers – Polymaths. If you do, you will own a piece of history and be able to say to the world with pride that you helped make it happen. If you think you can help by making a donation click on this link. Click on the link anyway, even if just to see the new video and complete the story. You can also help by re-blogging, tweeting and posting to your social networking media sites.

Thank you for reading and I hope this story is as inspirational to you as it is to me.







A Doctors Rant

I thought it would be insightful to share with you some of the things my Doctor friends complain about. They have to put up with some ridiculously funny interactions but jokes aside, it is really helpful to know what not to do. Enjoy the read and share the knowledge geeks.



If you come in to see me and I ask you what is wrong and how I can help? A long silence or a exuberant sigh is not going to get us anywhere. They didn’t teach me to read minds in medical school, sorry about that.


Now that we have gone past the awkward silence or sigh, and you finally find the words to describe what it is you came in for, it would help me, to help you, if you used words and/or descriptions that made sense. It is a weird feeling in my belly just wont do! Really, no diagnosis is going be made on “a weird feeling” what is that?!?!?!?!? Practice at home what you want to say to me before you come in to see me. PLEASE.

3-    PAIN;

Most people will ignore something until it becomes painful or too painful to ignore. That’s a given (please don’t) but when I ask you what kind of pain is it and where? You should have given it enough thought to come up with a decent answer. I need words like, SHARP, DULL, ACHING, CONSISTANT, INCREASINGLY PAINFUL, HOW OFTEN etc Please don’t make me play the guessing game, most Dr’s are not very good at it.


Ladies (and sometimes Gentleman!)  if you are feeling premenstrual or menopausal (“empathetic man period”), why cant you wait until it blows over to come in about that thing you have been ignoring for ages anyway, it’s only a week or so. It’s not my job to have you cry on my shoulder or pat your back, in-fact I am not allowed. That is all.


OK, it’s really great that you did some research but actually I am the trained DR, not wikipeadia. Do you even know what wikipeadia is? Please at the very least look it up with the medical council!

That’s all for now. For obvious reason’s the identity of the Dr will remain anonymous but I will be interviewing more and posting new rants in the near future. Watch this space.

Let me know what you think and share any funny/helpful encounters on your visits to the Doctors.