Boobs and that Friday Feeling

Happy Friday All,

Last week I received an e-mail from a friend and this is what it said:
” I’m emailing you all because my sister has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I want to remind all the women I know to check their breasts for lumps once a month.

My sis found a small lump near her armpit by chance and luckily she found it whilst the cancer is in it’s early stages. The NHS have been really on it and she’ll be having the lump removed this month (within 4 weeks of being diagnosed) then will have to have radiation and chemo. She’s being so positive – really amazing attitude – and has been discussing possible wigs and headscarves with her 2 kids. Obviously she’s shocked, but just relieved she found it early and has a good chance of fighting it.

My friend’s mum used to have a transparent vinyl sticker on her bathroom wall with diagrams showing how to check your breasts for lumps, which I thought was a genius breast cancer awareness reminder – but I can’t find one. So if any of you find one of these, let me know. Basically a good time to remember to self check is at bath-time or when creaming yourself. I’ve just set a reminder in my calender”

I read this and my first thoughts were ones of support, prayers and love for her family. My second thought was, when was the last time you did a breast exam E? and I realised that it has been almost 6 months since I checked my breasts for lumps! 6 months! and I should know better. I have seen the effects of all types of cancer first-hand, have witnessed the pain that families and individuals go through to fight this disease. I should know better. I used to do it once a month and but somehow I let life and it’s super-fast pace allow me to forget and not do it. I was in shock. But, I’m human and I am so very grateful for the reminder.

This is what I want you to do:

1- Set a reminder on your i-phone, BB, HTC or old school nokia to remind you once every month to check your breast.


3- If you are a MAN who has a female partner, SET A REMINDER TO REMIND your partner or better still, make it fun, help her do it, it’s always good to get a little feel right? lol

4- Take a moment and share this with your networks, it could be the reminder that saves someones breasts

5- Take some time and read all the information below, it is important and will help you, you and/ or your partner, boobs are precious.

Click on this link to show you how you do a breast exam

Click on this link to understand what changes to look for

Click on this link to learn about prevention

Click on this link to understand the risks

I really cannot think of a better song to post here but STILL by Eric Roberson. I lost one of my best friends at 18yrs of age to cancer. RIP Israa, I think of you always, especially when TuPac gets played :-), see you on the other-side, we still have a date.

Please share this post geeks and have a great weekend.

Life, Love and Health to all.


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