A Doctors Rant 3

Hi Geeks,

It is Monday and sometimes it is helpful to get it all of your chest at the beginning of the week. Like I said before, I asked some of my Dr friends to let off some steam and tell me 5 things they would like to say to us but cant. Well this Dr went in and I got back 12 steam reducing rants! So I’m posting the first 6 and will post the other 6 next-time.

1-Medications – if your on regular medications and you have to see a doctor that’s not your GP, please carry a list with you if you can’t remember them (with doses). It really is not as easy ‘looking in the notes’ or figuring it out from you telling me it’s the ‘blue, green or purple’ tablet.

2. Getting Personal  – If we ask you personal questions please either tell the truth or just state that you don’t want to answer but for the love of all things healthy, please DO NOT LIE.  And, please don’t be offended, certain questions we have to ask regardless of who you are, believe me it is not my favorite past-time (tho sometimes fun lol)

3. Medical history – Please be responsible for your health. Know your medical history a little beyond a ‘heart/lung/kidney problem’. It really helps us figure out what you have come in with so we can help you and if you write it down you wont have to try and sound out the medical terms!

4. Painkillers– If ever in pain (toothache, period pains, headache etc..) and what your taking isn’t working, don’t take more than the stated dose. It makes NO difference to your pain, it just increases your chances of getting side effects. Try two different groups e.g ibuprofen and paracetamol together. You probably noticed the price difference on the market. If it’s the same drug, it does the same thing.

5. Nose bleeds – sometimes they just happen, for no reason. Yes, no reason at all, that doesn’t make me bad at my job and won’t make me make one up to make you feel better! Because I’m nice, here are some tips to help you out; Tilt your head FORWARD (never back) and pinch ur nose (fleshy part) for at least 15-20mins (this will feel like a lifetime but seriously keep time). Of course if it continues get some medical help.

6. Ear Wax Attacks – DO NOT clean the inside of your ears (ear canals) with cotton buds, yes don’t. Instead of cleaning all you do is push more wax back in there and in the long run cause more problems. Go an see a professional for a proper ear wax clean. But please, you can use the Q-tip cotton buds to keep the outside canal and ear area clean, it’s just nasty when you don’t!

WOW AMAZING, Q-tip cotton buds are BAD for your ears and don’t even help, I had no idea, all this time and I hate that feeling of the bud inside my ear (it makes me automatically cough like a crazy person, don’t ask me why? I have no idea but my sister knows when I’m cleaning my ears in the bathroom, it’s that bad!)

Hope you gained some knowledge and that you will share it post reading. Until next time, get on-top of your medical records!

Health, Love and Life


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