Dr of Genetics. Music Lover. Eclectic Teacher. Unashamed Idealist. Creatively Optimistic. Sometimes Photographer. Faithful Altruist. A Believer. Constant Dreamer. A Scientist. Unashamedly A Geek.

Eyman means faith. The name my parents bestowed upon me 7 days post my birth. Welcome to my world since then. I have a new scientific experiment that I need your help with;

The Hypothesis: A frequent, chronological publication of interesting articles, journals, musical jewels, personal thoughts and ideas will increase the percentage of unashamed geeks by 100% (p<0.01)


To increase interaction between unashamed Geeks by 100% (p<0.01)

To Increase communication between Geeks via comments, “likes”, tweets, and posts by 100% (p<0.01)

To see a steady but strong increase of “new” unashamed Geeks by 100% (p<0.01)

Thank you for taking part in this exciting experiment


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m diggin’ the site, Eyman 🙂

    I was wondering, might you be able to add a page here that’s purely about scientific theory? It seems to me like every month an earlier human ancestor is found in east Africa, a new “potentially” Earthlike planet is discovered, or some eons-long law is upended (neutrinos vs light, etc). Geeks like me eat this sort of stuff up…and love the sometimes controversial discourse that can ensue!

    Just a thought…

    • oooooooooh you’ve gone and done it now! i was holding some of my Geekiness back but since you asked for it 🙂


      Thank you for the comments, it really helps to know what people think.


  2. The highlight of my day came when I stumbled upon this site! Sudanese, londoner, fellow sistren, unashamed geek, creative mind….umm hello is that me??
    Inspiring to see sisters being creative and innovative and not being afraid to speak! Love love love this concept! Would love to connect!

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