Babyfather- Part Two We= MC^2

Hello Geeks

Last-night, I got on-line and my facebook inbox, twitter DM and  e-mail contained messages suggesting I should write a post about this 2 and a half year old baby boy genius by the name of Romanieo and his father.

Some of you may have already seen the video once but I think it is safe to say it deserves to be watched more than once, I mean come on, the boy knows what Protons, Neutrons and Electrons are! He is not even 3 yet! Furthermore, I think he knows more of the periodic table than I do (don’t judge me, I am a geneticist not a chemist or physicist aight! let me see him or his dad tell me anything about DNA sequencing mechanisms lol ).

However, the most amazing thing for me really wasn’t the “genius” of it all but the absolutely beautiful and inspiring dedication to knowledge and love this father had with his child. My favorite part was not when Romanieo answered the correct element to the Nuclear Fission set up but when his father said to him:

“where is your mind? and where is your intuition? Now where is my intuition? That’s right. Now put your intuition with my intuition” And then Romanieo and his father rub heads and noses together. A beautiful moment. I LOVE this video. you MUST click play.

I was trying to think of the most deserving song dedication to this, it took me a min but I think I got it

Share the post with all the great parents you know and INSPIRE them further.  Share in each others greatness, it can only lead to even greater things.

Peace, Love and Health



Hello All,

Most of you may have read this post before, but I wanted to keep you up-dated on this projects progress for two reasons.

Reason one, I am still in love with this little boy and his family

Reason two, I sent them an e-mail a while back, not expecting a response. I wanted to know if and how they are going to develop the “big idea” they talked about in the posted videos. I did get a response, a heart-warming and very honest response, saying they are working on it and would let me know as soon as they knew themselves.

Many of us have “big ideas” all the time, most of the time they are brilliant. Most of the time, many of us do not follow them up, not purposefully, but life and it’s many responsibilities can make it hard sometimes.  I think this story is inspiring.

They have been asked by several parents and grandparents how can they start immediately working with their toddlers using the method they call TEAMMS. This acronym stands for: Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Music and Science. It incorporates the best of STEM and expands upon it by adding the critical components of the Arts and Music. They decided to write and publish a book by August. This time frame will give parents some companion teaching tools as they prepare their children for preschool/school. However, they need help in achieving this goal and like many, they have decided to use a Kickstarter campaign.

The kickstarter project is called A little like Einstein: help us give rise to a new generation of Big Thinkers – Polymaths. If you do, you will own a piece of history and be able to say to the world with pride that you helped make it happen. If you think you can help by making a donation click on this link. Click on the link anyway, even if just to see the new video and complete the story. You can also help by re-blogging, tweeting and posting to your social networking media sites.

Thank you for reading and I hope this story is as inspirational to you as it is to me.







2 thoughts on “Babyfather- Part Two We= MC^2

  1. I am interested in knowing why everybody thinks that this half pint is so smart. I agree he has a good memory but so do a lot of kids. Is it because no body understands the periodic table?
    Just because Dad teaches him chemistry and not colours and shapes doesn’t make him a genius.


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