The power of scent

Hey world, So this is my first post. Here goes. Hope you enjoy.

These days, body odour is something most people shy away from. Just taking a walk around the cosmetics section of any supermarket and you’ll be overwhelmed by the abundance of deodorants that all claim to combat sweat and keep you smelling fresh for even up to 72 hours. If this actually truly works we’ll never know but when you look at the perfume industry, and the various products all offering to give you the smell of sophistication, fun, mystery or any other random buzz word they can come up with and you can understand why the way we smell is so important in society. To put it simply, there is a lot of money in scent.

However, it is thought that these perfume companies might be getting it wrong. Instead of masking our odour, enhancing our natural odour or elements of it in order to attract member of the opposite sex is something that is being researched. As well as the obvious body odour that we all associate with heavy exercise or stress, like mammals in the wild we all have a unique scent that we may not be aware of but those outside of house are. This distinctive scent has subconscious effects on not only the opposite sex but everyone we come into contact with in our day to day lives. Our sense of smell is extremely sensitive, more so the female sense of smell than males and it is thought that our noses can even decode messages in other people’s odours. Recent research suggests that the scents we make could relay information about our personalities. But why would perfume companies be interested in our body scents?

Research has found that women prefer the smell of dominant men, especially during the most fertile stage of their menstrual cycle. Dominance is seen as an attractive characteristic as it could be linked to higher levels of testosterone and the ability of the man to provide and protect offspring. Men however find women more attractive during ovulation and least attractive during menstruation. These are very subtle scents, yet they can be picked up by men. If perfume manufacturers are able to determine and isolate the natural compounds that make men more attractive to women and vice versa, these could be added to women’s perfumes or men’s aftershaves. To find more click on this link.

Nowadays, our natural inclination is to hide our natural scent. These artificial scents have a profound influence on our behaviour and how other people perceive us. It is thought that we feel more confident and more attractive with artificial fragrances as opposed to our own natural scent. Socially it is not acceptable to smell of body odour, but to those who are concerned with attracting the opposite sex with their grooming habits perhaps going au natural might be the way forward. But clean au natural, there is a difference. In the words of Jill Scott, your scent is exclusive

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Meet Lukeki

 It’s Follow Friday Geeks,

Hope you all had a great week. Last month I had the pleasure of being a member of the “leading Ladies” Panel and leading a workshop for Inspirational You titled “The Power and Influence of Science”. It was a pleasure to be apart of such a beautiful movement. If you are in London and you missed it, I have been invited to speak again at the next one. Click here for details. After my workshop, I was approached by a charming and inspiring young lady who asked me to be her mentor. I was honored, but above all, I believe that she will also teach me much. I’m enjoying the opportunity to learn and grow from her also.

I asked her to write a short paragraph about her-self so that I could introduce her to you all. She will be writing some posts for the blog as off next week and I can’t wait to read about what she finds interesting within the world of geekdom. Please share the post, and the blog and like the page. If we cannot support our younger generations then what is the point of it all. Really. Click play for some background music and Meet my new intern Lukeki :-). Lets Shake it out.


A recent graduate in Biochemistry and Genetics MSci from the University of Nottingham, science and health have always been subjects that I found interesting. I love to learn and I have always had a fascination with understanding how things work, both in technology and the human body. Outside of science, I’m an avid reader when I have the time, I love to travel and experience different cities, countries and cultures. I am excited about sharing some of my interests with you. 

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Leonardo da Vinci- Anatomist

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Continuing the Science in Art theme, I wanted to make sure to let you know about the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition which recently opened at The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham palace, called the Anatomist.

Leonardo da Vinci is more famous for his Mona Lisa and is well known around the world as one of the great artists of the “Renaissance” period. However, not many know he was also a pioneer in the understanding of human anatomy. He intended to publish his work in a treatise on anatomy to add to European knowledge of the subject. However, he died in 1519 and the drawings remained amongst his private papers for almost 400 years. This exhibition is the largest ever of Leonard da Vinci’s studies of the human body and is among the Royal Collection’s greatest treasures.

It is definitely worth a visit, if only to admire the breadth of this mans gift and minds work. The gallery also present regular free exhibition talks at 12:00 and 15:00 on selected Fridays in May, June, July and September. The exhibition runs from 4th May- 7th October. Visit for further details or call 0207 766 7324. If you buy a ticket directly from them, you get FREE RE-ADMISSION FOR A YEAR. And if that is not enough to sway you and it should be, here are a few images to help you along. Remember, he had a books worth of work and these are not the cream of the crop. I’m just saying.

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Enjoy the exhibit.


Vintage Hearts

Hey All,

I keep apologising for the delay in my posts, so I am not going to do that again until I can somehow work out how to make the week longer or pause time during the day so I can catch up on my to-do list.

People say that Art and Science do not go together, I say they do and the next two posts are an attempt to high-light two well known artist who also say they do.

The Human Body: What It Is And How It Works is a stunning vintage anatomy book, depicting and explaining in more than 200 vibrant mid-century illustrations the inner workings of the body. Originally published in 1959, this colorful gem was inspired by German artist and researcher Fritz Kahn, who in his 1926 classic Man as Industrial Palace described the human body as “the highest performance machine in the world” and used industrial metaphors to illustrate its remarkable capacities.

My favorite quote from the book is:

“Two hearts could provide enough energy to drive a truck around the world in two years.”

Here are a few of my favorite illustrations

Hope you enjoyed the images


Monthly Cycle Madness- Geekformation

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Last-night I had one of those life changing realisations and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all. For the past 6 months, I have been logging my often random monthly cycles with this handy I-phone app called M-Calender (one of the many reasons I am #teamiphone).

During what I thought was yet another bout of random insomnia, I tapped into the app at 4am and looked at my “symptoms” section. What I noticed actually made me get up and write this post in the middle of the night. I noticed that just before my period is about to start I have about two nights of insomnia. I noticed a pattern!! aaaaaaaargh I silently screamed, it all makes sense now.

The reason I am sharing this little piece of information with you is simple. I realised that instead of spending two nights tossing and turning in my bed trying to force my natural insomniac self to sleep during this pattern, I can simply use the 4 or 5 hours doing something productive. For example, catching up on my writing, admin and making those skype calls to all my friends across the pond. Light-bulb moment. Replace frustration with understanding and productivity 🙂

I learned so much about myself, some of the things I thought occurred, I was able to confirm by seeing the pattern (for example, my body temperature goes up around two days before and the newly-acquired moderate moodiness that accompanies it needs getting used to). The power of self-knowledge is amazing, I feel so much more in control of all those “in-controllable” symptoms just by knowing why and when they occur.

Ladies I wholeheartedly suggest you start logging your “symptoms” and help yourselves, your associates, husbands, partners, friends, family, flatmates…basically, all those who come into contact with you during that time of the month. I know a few of my girlfriends who I might just start logging alongside myself just to help me mediate their monthly life-crises.

This is how I feel inside when I am going through this experience, however you would never know as I and many other ladies make a point of carrying it gracefully (if you are unfortunate enough to get excruciatingly bad cramps like I do, I know you feel me, they are almost as bad as the man Kelis is screaming at!)

Hope my geekformation proves to be useful and please let me know if it works for you.

Until next time,

Health, love and life.