Geek Out: Reggie Watts

Hey Geeks,

Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the Olympics so far. The energy is amazing in and out of the events arenas, on sofas, in parks and just about anywhere and everywhere in London Town.

I came across this video a week ago and I geeked out and now I’m sharing it with you all. Reggie Watts is thoroughly entertaining to watch and has an amazing career. Click on this Wiki Link to find out more about him. Check out his music composition for Louis CK’s show, Louie. The dude has many skills. He is an utter geek.

I love the way he uses scientific words in this piece to make you listen and laugh all at the same time. He really does disorient you in the most entertaining way. Hope you enjoy it too.

Share it, Re-blog, Tweet and all that good stuff.

Thank you for reading.


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