The sound of colour

Hi guys,

Its been a while since I posted. I decided to put up a quick post of an interesting video I came across a couple of weeks ago.

The video below is of a man called Neil Harbisson who was born completely colour blind. He suffers from a condition called achromatopsia causing him to see no colour at all, only black and white. That was until he was fitted with an eyeborg. This is a headmounted camera that picks up colours and translates them to real time soundwaves. The eyeborg consists of a camera, an antenna and a computer chip that converts light into sound. The chip is mounted in the back of his head transmitting the vibrations directly into his skull. He memorized the different frequencies and now is able to tell the difference between colours very easily. It’s fascinating that different colours emit different frequencies. Neil even produces art! He calls himself a cyborg because it’s a ‘union between the software and his brain’. He has created the CyborgFoundation, an organization to help humans become cyborgs by creating and applying cybernetic extensions to the body. He has donated eyborgs to blind communities and taught colour blind children to use the device.

Science never ceases to surprise me and it makes me curious of what is yet to come especially with how quickly technology is advancing.

Have a peep at the video, and his cool colour clashing fashion sense. He is truly and interesting human being.


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