Meet Lukeki

 It’s Follow Friday Geeks,

Hope you all had a great week. Last month I had the pleasure of being a member of the “leading Ladies” Panel and leading a workshop for Inspirational You titled “The Power and Influence of Science”. It was a pleasure to be apart of such a beautiful movement. If you are in London and you missed it, I have been invited to speak again at the next one. Click here for details. After my workshop, I was approached by a charming and inspiring young lady who asked me to be her mentor. I was honored, but above all, I believe that she will also teach me much. I’m enjoying the opportunity to learn and grow from her also.

I asked her to write a short paragraph about her-self so that I could introduce her to you all. She will be writing some posts for the blog as off next week and I can’t wait to read about what she finds interesting within the world of geekdom. Please share the post, and the blog and like the page. If we cannot support our younger generations then what is the point of it all. Really. Click play for some background music and Meet my new intern Lukeki :-). Lets Shake it out.


A recent graduate in Biochemistry and Genetics MSci from the University of Nottingham, science and health have always been subjects that I found interesting. I love to learn and I have always had a fascination with understanding how things work, both in technology and the human body. Outside of science, I’m an avid reader when I have the time, I love to travel and experience different cities, countries and cultures. I am excited about sharing some of my interests with you. 

Unitl next-time. Peace and Love.


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