My Kind of Superwoman- Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Happy Monday Geeks,

Last-night my alarm on my phone went off and reminded me to sit-down in-front of the TV and watch Satellites on BBC 2 (if you missed it, you can catch it on BBC i-Player). Why I hear you ask? because it was being presented by my personal geek black female scientist role model. I went to a talk of hers at UCL many years back and have developed a secret career crush on her ever since (not so secret now, Maggie if you are reading this, please call me 🙂 )

This immense woman has achieved so much that today’s headline in the evening standard was “Maggie Aderin-Pocock: A woman on a mission, proving science isn’t just for rich, white men”.  YES.YES.YES. I GEEKED OUT.

Maggie Aderin-Poncock was born in Britain to Nigerian parents who separated when she was four. She grew up in a council flat in Camden, north London, and was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of eight. This did not stop her from going to university, earning a PhD in physics from Imperial College London, propelling a career developing space instruments at UCL and beyond, and embarking on a second career as a television science presenter. She is on a personal mission to explain science to the sort of kids she mixed with as a child in inner-city London. OOOOF. SHE IS AMAZING.

Click here for the link to the full article. My favorite part is when it reads:

“she mentions that at some point in the interview she may have to breastfeed her baby daughter, Lauren”.

Proof that you can do both ladies, you can nurture a strong career and a baby, it is possible. I LOVE IT.

Here is a snippet of her show, press play;

And here is an endearing interview with her I also wanted to share;

I want to be her (minus the physics lol), and I will be with god’s blessings but in the meantime I wanted to say;

Thank you to Maggie for helping pave the way for young female black scientists, you inspire me. Here is your musical tribute, it presents inspiring superwomen like yourself-Gladys Knight, Patty LaBelle, Dionne Warwick and Oprah! POW

Until next time, be inspired.


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