Q- To Caffeine or Not To Caffeine?

I am a self-confessed Tea addict, everyone that knows me, KNOWS I’m a tea addict, and a tea snob, in-fact if you can’t make a good cup of tea, I am either never going to accept another cup from you or I will have to teach you myself.  This cartoon says it all.

I keep hearing things like:

“You shouldn’t drink too much tea, it is not good for you”

“Let’s switch to de-caffeinated coffee or tea, it is better for you”

Conjuring images like this in peoples head!!!

I mean, it is really not that bad and not to be rude but do you actually know what tea and caffeine do? or why it is not good for you? Sometimes…ofttimes, I am pretty sure most people don’t, so I am going to break it down for you here (even tho I am biased, but this is my blog so I choose pro-tea lol).

Caffeine actually stops the breakdown of energy so you have a surplus! In simple terms, ATP is what gives your body energy. Food is broken down and stored as ATP which is used as energy. When you start to feel yourself dragging, it is because you’ve used up all the ATP, because ATP cannot be stored for long term (hence why you need to eat more than once during the day, especially if what you are doing requires the use of energy)

So basically, it helps you “save” up some energy for things like, a evening run post work, or playing with the kids after-work, or a night on the dance floor or bedroom floor, as long as you don’t wait too long to get home…do I need to go on?

What’s even better is that, say you do run out of energy or ATP because, maybe you didn’t have breakfast or you are having back to back meetings/high-workload and missed lunch? Caffeine blocks the signal in your body, Adenosine, from binding and letting the body know you are out of energy. It tricks your body into thinking that there is energy there. The effects of the caffeine can kick in within 10 minutes and last up to 4-6 hours! Much faster than waiting for food to be broken down and stored as ATP. That’s why you crash from caffeine, when the effect runs out, your body tries to use ATP and there’s none there! Something like what’s happening below

Final thoughts: Caffeine can be your friend when ATP has failed you, saving you from that fatal crash. So its not all bad, it has a purpose in life and its purpose works in 10mins, much quicker than that super smoothie! LOL.

I rest my case, with the help of this BRILLIANT British parody song and video by Elemental.  Please, put the kettle on and press play.

This is not my normal Knock Knock but I do often get asked if caffeine is good for you or not. Some say it is good, some say it is bad for you but it does have a purpose and people have been consuming tea and coffee throughout the ages for this purpose.

Thank you for reading and please share the post if you enjoyed it.

Until next time.


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