Electroboutique Pop-up

Electroboutique pop-up at the Science Museum


Alexei Shulgin and Aristarkh Chernyshev – Electroboutique

  • pop-up at the Science Museum
  • Artworks created 2011
  • On display 23 Nov 2011 – 14 Feb 2012
  • Location: The Bridge, ground floor mezzanine

This is pretty cool peeps. Encouraging participation through what they call ‘Creative Consumption’, the artists generate a dialogue with their audiences through works which respond, reflect and re-version viewers in real time. The artworks use languages of pop culture, media and art histories, framed by a tongue-in-cheek appropriation of the language of corporate marketing speak. What does that mean? have a peak at the pictures below to give you a better idea..

Not only does this look like mad fun, the experience and interaction with the pieces allows you to ponder more serious questions around art production, design aspiration, technological progress, consumerism, media control and corporate social responsibility. Who was it that said learning can’t be fun? PAH

Warning: This exhibition contains flashing and flickering images and contains a high level of visual and sound stimulation. Visualise Janelle Monae’s neon valley street in metropolis or just play the song below and enjoy :-). Find out more here

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