Music is a Scientific Art. A great musician is also a great artist and great artists usually have a learned and/or innate understanding of the science and technology behind the process, how music is made and heard.

So when I came across this Ted video I just had to share.  An inspiring rendition on how one Dr believes that science should not ignore the importance of music for deaf people. Currently, Scientist can restore hearing of language and speech but perfecting the hearing of music is still very much on the backburner.

Check out the Video and let me know what you think?

It is no secret that I am a big music fan. I know I would find it very difficult to get through most days without my daily dose of musical pleasure. I would most definitely choose the sense of sound over sight.

Q-If you had to choose between sight and sound, which would it be?

Etta said it; I would rather go blind

Peace and Love


3 thoughts on “Musicology

  1. YES, YES, YES. The Welcome trust is my favorite “geek” place :-). Thank you for Sharing Molaundo.

    Everyone should check out this great mans work

    Maybe we can collaborate on a project… head just exploded with ideas

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