Made With Molecules- Art, Science and Dope Jewelry

Hello Geeks,

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a huge fan off jewelry, especially Silver. So you can imagine how hard I geeked out when I came across this jewelry designer who uses molecules as inspiration in a artistic and creative way. I LOVE THESE DESIGNS.

You must check out Made With Molecules, click here to get onto the site for the full collection, but here a few of my favorites.

This one makes you happy 🙂 and I love the way they explain the significance of the molecule.

You cannot tell me these earrings are not cool. No you cannot. I am a geneticist.

For the chocolate lovers. I know a few.

Gentleman, do not worry, they have something for you too. These are the greatest cufflinks I have ever seen. I would most definitely swoon if you approached me wearing these #just saying. lol.

Share the goodness geeks. Thank you.


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