Surgeons Rock

Hello All,

I haven’t blogged for a minute, but I have a really really good excuse :-). I have been super-busy helping my mother prepare for her full knee replacement surgery! That’s right, a FULL KNEE REPLACEMENT.

I titled this geek out post surgeons rock because it absolutely amazes me that Doctors and surgeons have advanced so much that they can replace whole body parts. It is a whole different thing knowing something and actually seeing it happen personally. Watching my mother take on the pain that comes with the surgery with so much grace and the unwavering confidence of the surgeons was a huge inspiration to me. It puts many things into perspective.

Even more amazing, whilst at my mums bedside I tried to keep up-to date with general news and I came across this story on the guardian detailing one of last weeks medical miracles, a successful full face transplant.


Press play to watch the video of this amazing story that made headline news:

But wait, does anyone remember the lady who’s face got ripped up by a chimpanzee? I remember the shock of that story and how it made world-wide news, even Oprah interview her. Click on the blue link if you want to watch that interview with Oprah but you must click play below and see the miracle these surgeons worked on this womans face. Outstanding work.

Now for my music segment and this may seem like a strange choice of song but I chose it for two reasons. One, me and my younger sister have been “schooling” each other on “new” and “old” music whilst watching mama sleep, walk and eat in the hospital, so this is a combo of my “old” Mayer Hawthorne and her “new” Rizzle Kicks lol. Two, I actually like the song and it fits the theme of this post as I am starting to worry that my mama will soon remember that she will soon have the ability to chase me down again and I cant just slowly walk away!

Until next time, count your blessings and stay blessed.


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