Q-tip and his DNA Quest

Hey Geeks,

Ok, so everyone that knows me personally, KNOWS I AM A BIG TRIBE CALLED QUEST FAN and Q-TIP FAN. So this is a geek out “on next levels” lol…I mean, who from my London family remembers being at Subterania,1994? Still one of the best shows EVER!! *Sigh* what I would do to go back in-time and experience that again.

If you missed it and you are a fan, you simply must click on this link and listen to the soundcloud of that show. The improvisation, live beat-making and freestyles are just amazing. Thank you to Flip the Script for sharing this musical jewel.

Last-night, when I got home, I noticed that okayafrica posted a video showing Q-Tip being swabbed and tracing his maternal DNA ancestry to the west African Djola tribe!!! Lets just say, I thoroughly GEEKED OUT 🙂

Click play to find out which West African country his DNA took him…

Hope you enjoyed my new Geek Out and Good day to you all.


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