Water Got No Enemy!

I feel really chuffed about this one, as I have been telling my close friends for a while now that drinking bottled water all the time instead of tap water is actually bad for you. I was always received with the “fake smile” and or “the vacant stare” equaling to, thanks E but I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that lol!

Well, the Geeks at Harvard have recently published an article proving me right!

I told yah so is just too too sweet lol

Important Note: Mothers please read carefully as you may find it interesting to know that these chemicals are also found in baby bottles.

Here is what I want you to do;

1-Click on the Fela link below and crank up the volume

2- Now, Click on this Link and Read the Article to find out why

If you want to read “the hardcore science article” click on this link

3-All you bikers, runners, health bods go out and invest in a glass bottle or a bottle made without the use of  BPA Here is a link to some I found on-line, no excuses.

4- Leave me a comment/tweet with your thoughts, especially mothers. I am interested to know what you think, if you have a question, tweet me and I will answer it in the next Knock Knock post.

5-Share this with your near and far and like the page (if you haven’t already done so)

Thanks for reading, Stay tuned for more 🙂


RIP Sócrates, Brazil’s Hero, My Hero Dr.

I woke up to such sad news today, I couldn’t even bring myself to do the mandatory RIP on Facebook. I have had a “secret” crush on this man as far back as I can remember, a little girl watching football in Sudan on a small TV surrounded by my dad and my uncles. The more I learned, read, heard, saw of him the more I grew to love him.

My Dr Hero and Secret Crush

The world has lost another beacon of light. A Genius. A truly remarkable man. Besides football, a doctor, a writer, a musician, a political activist and even a theater director. He is and always will be my idol Geek, and I shall continue to look up-to to him. May you rest in perfect and absolute peace. Ameen.

Here is a short but nice article published in the Guardian on the man himself and a beautiful tribute video

Post up any tributes you found and/or your own tributes in form of song, words or photos.