Emeli Sandé Geek Out, Neuroscience, Medicine and BRIT’s Critics Choice Award

A few months back I came across an article about Emeli in a magazine and I remember walking into my friends studio and calmly saying to him (holding down my geekdom, as you do sometimes)

“have you heard of this girl? she is gonna be really big in the music industry soon and she is studying medicine”

Inside this was happening:

” OMG look, look, this girl is really dope and she is cool and she is gonna be a Dr and famous, and she is a geek, a good role model for young girls and she is telling the whole world- Insert mini-me in my head doing the E shuffle”

Sandé studied medicine at the University of Glasgow, with an intercalated degree in neuroscience.  She said that education was one of the most important things to her, stating that if her music career failed, she has education to fall back on. Sandé said that her manager, Adrian Sykes, waited patiently since she was 16, saying “Adrian really respects that I want to get an education behind me. He also knows my parents are keen that I finish university.”

Although, she has not finished her degree, I am not mad at her. For one, she has been vocal about how hard of a decision that was, she was also being REAL, this is her time to fulfill one of her dreams and she should be proud of herself for realising it. And she is pretty good at it, winning the BRIT’s Critics Choice Award. Check her out here

here is her new single

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